Sunday, March 3, 2013

Snow Day(s)

Last year we had an incredibly mild winter. In the midst of it being incredibly dry, it was mostly warm. I remember distinctly having one painfully cold run on a Saturday (I literally thought I was going to die). But other than that run, it was cool, sometimes cold, but never sustained cold and bitter. One day it snowed. I picked Eliot up for school and we rushed home, changed into snow playclothes. We ran outside and scraped together all of the snow we could and we created:

The wimpiest, saddest, tiniest little snowman EVER. Eliot was thrilled because he had low expectations apparently. We threw some snow at each other, went inside and the next day, wee snowman melted into oblivion.

This year mother nature had other plans. After a mostly mild winter to date (it was 65 on a Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago). After the groundhog told us winter was over. After thinking Santa's gift of red rainboots was perhaps a bit foolish, snow came. By the TRUCKLOAD. And holy cow, it was fun.

Wednesday: drove to town about an hour away for court hearing. By the time I drove back at 10:00 a.m., roads were getting a bit nasty. Wednesday, the snow got serious.

Wednesday night: THUNDERSNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a foot of the white stuff. For the record, thundersnow happened, I heard it, and it blew my ever-loving mind.

Thursday: family wide snow day. Courts closed. Schools closed. We spent the day shoveling the driveway, playing outside, watching movies and changing out wet cold clothes for dry fuzzy ones.

Friday: Roads were passable. Took Nicholas to work with me and spent the day hanging with baby and attempting to be a lawyer. Scott stayed home with Eliot. Schools were still closed.

Saturday: more clearing of driveway as we were hosting big cocktail party. Weather held off perfectly.

Sunday: more snow. Husband went to grocery store where madness had taken hold of my entire town. As residents prepared for THE END OF THE WORLD, grocery stores sold out of milk and bread. And according to one of my buds, Target sold out of...ladies underwear. Because you just never know.

Monday: schools closed. Boys to my parents. Scott and I worked until 1:00 p.m. when blizzard #2 hit.

Tuesday: the final snow day of them all. I stayed home with both boys and tried to soak in playing hooky for just one last day. Eliot had completely lost his mind and was going stir crazy. I solved this problem by a nearly 2 hour play session in the snow. We played "Empire Strikes Back". We tackled each other and shrieked and laughed until our sides hurt. We jumped off piles of snow. We did not make a snowman. Not for my lack of trying. Kiddo refused to allow any of my work to stand. Each time a snow man started to take shape, he was either ninja kicked, tackled or eviscerated by a light saber. I eventually gave up.

King of Snow Mountain

And I'm FREE. Free fallin.
Gratuituous Hunter Boots Photo Op
to show how deep the snow is.
What? I have wanted these for 10+ years
and finally asked for them. I <3 Santa.

I'm so proud of this shot. I'm not good at visual things like photography...but I'm working on it.
Final cuddles with the kids before life resumes:

This little piece of pudgy perfection grabs my shirt while he's nursing as if to say "hey lady, you're the best and I love and all, but don't you dare think about going anywhere." It slays me everytime.

Brother cuddles whilst watching the super
Yea, they basically own me.

Wednesday: Hot yoga and return to work/ preschool/ day care. SIGH.

I needed a return to routine. I do not function well without a schedule. But this was an unplanned and unanticipated vacation from reality that was just a blast. While in the midst of this we hosted a full on fancy schmancy fun party, I think we had a really lovely break. We made cozy food and watched movies. We let Eliot hang out in his jammies all day. We languished. We read books. We spoiled Nicholas and held him far too much and just kissed all over him.

Due to the fact we don't have a winter like this too often, our local government is completely incapable of getting rid of all the snow and ice when it hits so severely. And I kind of dig that. Every 2 or 4 years, we get buried. We pretend we live somewhere that has a "real" winter. And we hole up. There is something sort of glorious about HAVING to be out of commission.

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