Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5.15; 57; 50

5.15 miles; 57 minutes; 50 degrees

On Sunday afternoon, KD, Wheels, Ween* and I went out for a quick 5 mile run. And by "quick" I mean, the miles passed quickly because I was with friends. My solid 11:15 pace with walk breaks would not be considered "quick" by any stretch of the imagination.

My legs were so sore on Monday I just laughed at myself. Geesh. I tried not to whine about it at all since my husband had spent the weekend running at Post Oak, a really fun "doubler"/trail event. He ran a 50K on Saturday and a marathon Sunday. He was pretty sore after the fact and dehydrated...I refrained from saying "I totally understand." Even though I did. I mean running 5 miles is tough. Cough cough.

The good news is, I wanted to run 5 miles and went a wee bit further. I did not struggle to complete the distance. The other good news is that while I was tired by the end, my legs actually felt really good and I was not terribly winded. The bad news is that my core is still a big pile of gooey mommy weakness. I continue to have very sore ligaments around the lower pelvic/ upper inner thigh area. But every time I yoga with the slightest bit of consistency...I do see this soreness decrease. Therefore my goal: git my rear to YOGA.

Time to check in on those running goals set out before:

(1) I want to finish the 2013 Wichita Half Marathon. Well I made a training schedule and have half-heartedly started to follow it. PROGRESS.

(2) I want to run the local 4 mile Superbowl run, preferably with no walking. Due to flu and sick baby, did not even attempt the 4 miler, let alone complete it without walking. (that would NOT have happened). GOAL NOT MET. REMOVING FROM THE LIST. BOO--I HATE NOT MEETING A GOAL!!! BLECH

(3) I want to run a marathon in all 50 states. I am (I believe) 14 states in. This should be accomplished by approximately the year 2030. Still on pace for 2030 completion :)

(4) I want to run a sub 1:45 half marathon. (Current PR Is 1:51:30). This should be accomplished by 2018(?). Still on pace for 2018 completion :)

(5) I want to run the Chicago 2013 marathon in 4:30. The greatest registration fiasco in the history of marathon racing was completely upsetting for so many runners. I am thrilled to report that both husband and I got in but DANG, bum deal for a lot of friends and fellow runners.

(6) I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon. [This is the biggest most lofty, most unrealistic and ridiculous goal I've ever actually said out loud. But now it's out there. And maybe, in 10 years or so(?), it will happen. In the meantime, it's cooking in the back of my head at all times and will be a driving force me in my running for a long time to come.] Still on pace for 2030 completion :)

(7) I want to be able to hold the following yoga poses: crow (HAVE SUCCESSFULLY HELD CROW TWO TIMES!!! both for very short periods but hey, I will TAKE it); headstand; firefly; wheel (getting closer!!!) and pigeon (my hips stink but this one doesn't quite hurt like it did in December).

(8) NEW GOAL: Running the Hospital Hill Half Marathon without walk breaks. This should be rich. But I sincerely LOVE this race and am now registered. Kansas City, here I come!!!

*Names protected to protect the innocent :) Okay not really, but amongst my running friends, we seem to all have ridiculous nicknames. It's just worked out that way. I can't explain why nor do I apologize for this.

Mom and Dad watched the kiddos while I went running because Scott was in Tulsa still. I came home to find Dad in the nursery "rocking the baby to sleep". Ahem.

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