Monday, June 10, 2013


Only boring people are bored.

-Betty Draper

Scott and I are planning our 3rd intoxicology party. This highlighted liquor is GIN. It's a Mad Men theme. And having never watched the show before, we are now catching up on all old seasons off Netflix and watching about an episode a day. It's truly brilliant. No wonder that show is getting such rave reviews.

Turns out I have a love/ hate relationship with every single character. I think that's why the show is so phenomenal. Just about the time you've figured out how you feel about someone, there's a twist. And I am completely conflicted about Betty. I love her, I hate her, I pity her, I empathize with her and then I judge her. Over and over. Good stuff. If you haven't watched that it. Great writing, great acting, great, well, everything.

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