Friday, April 5, 2013


Today is my wedding anniversary. Last year we took a big trip back to our honeymoon destination. This year, will be a more subdued celebration and will also mark my first overnight stay away from my baby....bracing myself for random panicked middle of the night wake up...
Stephanie Inn, Cannon Beach, Oregon. 2002

Stephanie Inn, Cannon Beach, Oregon. 2012 (Pregnant and unbelievably nauseous in this picture-HA!)
Marriage. Man, we could all write volumes on it. Marriage means sharing your life and all the good and bad that comes with it.  Our story is 100% uniquely ours but a shared story like every other marriage. Eleven years of cleaning up after each other. Eleven years of pushing each other to achieve more, work harder, maximize our potential. Eleven years of working on our communication. Eleven years of me unloading the dishwasher so Scott can load it. Of connecting and laughing. Of bickering and being annoyed by the other person's CLEARLY INFERIOR WAYS of approaching tasks and problems :) Of creating a shared family dialogue. Of sharing millions of inside jokes. Of babies and dogs and baby poop and dog poop. Of balancing checkbooks and paying bills. Of grilling cheeseburgers and lounging on our deck with cold beer. Of listening Snoop Dogg and Tupac and Eric Clapton and Michael Buble and the music that is our lives' soundtrack. We were only 23...practically kids. And we still feel like those kids in so many ways.
Eleven years and we both know our journey requires patience and kindness and empathy and support and a massive sense of humor. We will never reach the destination of having marriage figured out. But at the end of day, we both know we are in this forever. We love each other. And we are darn lucky to be where we are. Not much has changed and everything has changed. Scott explained to Eliot this morning that our anniversary was the BIRTHDAY of our wedding. Well happy birthday to my wonderful family. AND MANY MOOOOORRREEEE.....

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