Friday, August 31, 2012

Obligatory First Blog Post

I am officially starting a blog. I have wanted to blog for YEARS, and in fact made a go of it 8 years ago for about 3 posts and promptly abandoned it. That blog started as a brutally honest observation of the world around me and I quickly realized brutal honesty has no place in the life of a professional. I have also realized that if you choose to share any little bit of yourself better be ready for 100% of what you share to be dispersed and misquoted and everything else.

My life is probably wholly uninteresting to those that are not a part of it. My blog will probably be even more so! And I am okay with this. I am passionate about my career, my hobbies, my family and I just feel compelled to write about all of these things. I have sought out forums for these topics and felt drawn to blog for years. But never had the courage to just spill my thoughts and feelings and opinions online. So here it is. My own little journal about nothing. It will be like Seinfeld but without the witty banter.

There is no thrust to this blog. It isn't a mommy blog or a running blog or a lawyer blog or a cooking blog. But there will be posts about all of these things. This isn't a place for me to air my political or personal grievances. These thoughts must be contained or shared only with the closest friends and preferably over a glass of wine. This blog is mostly a sanitized telling of the funny thoughts I have about my life and personal observations that I want to record.

As I sit here, I am 34 years old. I am 8 months pregnant. I am having approximately 30 people over for brunch tomorrow and my house smells heavenly thanks to the pumkin coffee cake I just pulled out of the oven. Tomorrow starts the beginning of Labor Day weekend 2012. The official end of summer. My family has many plans for the weekend and I'm honestly excited about all of them. I hope everyone travelling stays safe. And I hope the rest of us just have an enjoyable, relaxing weekend. I'm excited to start this journey of an online journal and for anyone reading I hope you laugh and shake your head and relate to the posts that might someday appear. Good Night for now.

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